What are clinical trials ?

Research with humans

After initial testing done in laboratories or with animals, clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical treatment or drug is safe and effective for humans.

Treat diseases

Clinical studies show which medical approaches work best for certain diseases or groups of people.

Benefits for healthcare

Clinical studies produce the best data available for healthcare decision making.

Phases of Clinical Trials

Clinicals trials are done in series of steps called phases. Participants are closely monitored throughout each phase.

Phase I

Checking for safety

15-100 participants.

Up to several months

This stage involves healthy people and aims to verify that the treatment is safe, determine the best dose to use and detect possible side effects.

Phase II

Checking for efficacy

100-300 participants.

Up to two years

Individuals with the medical condition being studied are watched to see if the treatment works as expected and to further evaluate safety and dose.

Phase III

Confirming findings

1000 – 3000 participants

One to four years

Larger groups of patients are monitored to continue observing side effects and to see how well a treatment works in the long-term, how long its effects last, and how it compares to current treatments or a placebo.

Phase IV

Testing long-terme safety

Thousands of participants

One year and more

Testing being out of clinical environment. The long-term effects and safety are studied and to determine if existing therapies should be replaced.

Where Clinical Trials happen ?

Clinical trials can happen in different places according to the types of research



Academic Centres

Medical Schools

Pharmaceutical company


What about the benefits ?

There are good reasons why we should participate in clinical trials including:

Finding treatment

New doors are opened to therapies that can improve the quality of life for people with chronic illnesses.

Helping yourself and people get healthier

Your contribution will benefit future patients. As a whole, we have a healthier society when we have new treatments.

Advancing research and medicine

By adding additional informations about diseases or treatments.


 Healthcare professionals work very hard to minimize risks. However, it is important to know what the risks are before agreeing to participate.

Side effects

Side effects of a new treatment that can be minor, unpleasant, serious or even life-threatening. 


The treatment may not have an effect or work no better than your current treatment.

Treatment changes

Patients may or may not be able to continue your current treatment during the clinical trial.


Patients may need to go to several appointments, have more tests, or keep a daily clinical trial diary.

Your rights as Patient & Participant

You can withdraw anytime

It is your choice to participate

Your information is secured 

Your confidentiality is guaranteed